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Member Dues & Payment Options

Member Categories & Dues

Full Membership: $192 USD
Full Members are registered nurses (RNs) in a state or territory of the United States.
Full Members receive all benefits, may hold office, and may vote.

Associate Membership: $168 USD
Associate Members are nurses with LPN or LVN certification or other individuals
(non-nurse) involved or interested in women's health, obstetric or neonatal specialties.
Associate members receive all benefits, but cannot hold office or vote.

International Membership: $216 USD
International Members are nurses or other interested parties residing outside the US or its territories (other than members of the US Armed Forces). RN's may vote.

Special Membership: $96 USD

  • Student Members
    Available to students for a maximum of 4 years.
    Must be a full-time student and supply proof of current enrollment.
    Student members receive all benefits. Student RNs may vote.
  • Retired Members
    Retirees are 62 years of age and no longer working as a nurse.
    Must have a minimum of 3 years of AWHONN membership to be eligible.
    Retired members receive all benefits. Retired RNs may vote.
  • Choose Automatic Dues Payment
    AWHONN is easy on your monthly budget with automatic dues payment. Each month, 1/12 of your annual dues and 1/12 of the annual service fee (only $12) is charged to your debit or credit card. Membership renews automatically. Either party can cancel at anytime without penalty. It?s fast, easy, and guarantees you?ll receive all the great member benefits AWHONN offers.



    Full   $ 17   Call Customer Service & Start Today
    Associate   $ 15   Existing & Prospective Members Eligible!
    International   $ 19   US 800-354-2268
    Retired   $   9   CN 800-245-0231 
    Student   $   9     

  • Enroll Online
    Pay with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card.
  • Pay by Phone with a Credit Card
    Call Member Service at 800-354-2268 in the US; from Canada 800-245-0231.
  • Pay by Mail with a Check or Credit Card 

More Information & Assistance

Email Member Service
US 800-354-2268
CN 800-245-0231
FX  202-728-1149  ATTN: Member Services

ATTN: Member Services
2000 L Street NW, Suite 740
Washington, DC 20036


AWHONN Industry Membership Program

Industry Members are corporations and organizations worldwide committed to advancing the health care of women and newborns, and the practice of nursing. To learn more, email Maureen Calloway Carnevale, 202-261-2434.