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Healthy Mom&Baby

Guides women through all trimesters of a healthy pregnancy to give newborns the best start possible. Chock full of the information, advice and resources you want for your patients. Featuring AWHONN members as health experts. |Subscribe  |   iPad app & issues  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Don't Rush Me...Go the Full 40 Resources  |  Color Patient Handout  |  Black and White Patient Handout

Women's Health

HPV & the HPV Vaccine


Flu-Free & Mom to Be Campaign
FREE! Access new downloadable education tools (posters, articles, tipsheet + more) to help expectant mothers stay healthy during flu season.

 Assessing Pre-term Labor and Birth Risk
 Preventing Infant Abduction: A Parents Guide
 Postpartum Changes: Taking Care of Yourself
 Self-Care Postpartum Discharge Instructions
 Preventing Premature Birth

Newborns & Neonates
 Free Prematurity Patient Education Materials

 What Parents Need to Know about Late Preterm Birth: (English)    (Spanish)
 Vaccines During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
 Q&A: Breastfeeding & Flu Vaccination
 Your Baby's Health & Safety
 Breastfeeding Your Baby
 Breastfeeding Your Preterm Infant
 Preparation & Use of Infant Formula

AWHONN partners with MedImmune Advocacy to offer FREE prematurity patient education materials and to promote the regional prematurity networks.
  • Regional Prematurity Networks: Nurses and parents can get involved in local advocacy efforts.
  • Customized Patient Education materials are delivered via an easy online resource available 24/7 at no charge. Titles include:
   - Keeping My Baby Health After Discharge
   - Special Needs of My Late-Preterm Baby
   - RSV: Is My Baby At Risk
   - Glossary: Understanding the Language of Prematurity
   - Medical Care Costs for My Premature Baby
   - Tracking My Baby's Growth and Development
   - Helping Myself, My Baby and Others After Discharge
   - Keeping a Positive Attitude When My Baby Comes Early
   - Understanding Premature Infant Lungs
   - Top 5 Reasons for Hospitalizations
   - Navigating the Premature Journey Pocket Folder
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MedImmune Advocacy partners with national and local organizations to improve health outcomes for premature babies and their families.