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Assessment & Care-Late Preterm Infant Implementation Toolkit

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More than 70% of all babies in the United States born prematurely are late preterm infants (LPI). The toolkit is tailored to help you save time, administrative and clinical costs, improve patient outcomes, shorten lengths-of-stay, and reduce risk associated with late preterm birth. The Toolkit is designed to support and build on the information presented in AWHONN's Assessment and Care of the Late Preterm Infant Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline. It includes ready-to-use, customizable tools and strategies for assessing risks, providing appropriate care, and tracking outcomes for late preterm infants in your facility or health care system.

This comprehensive toolkit includes all of the resources needed to guide your team through each phase of the quality improvement process, beginning with the initial self-assessment through the ongoing phases of data collection and systems monitoring.

These ready-to-use resources are included in the Toolkit:

  • MAP-IT Checklist and Worksheet
  • Process Maps with detailed Pathway Descriptions
  • Quality Improvement Monthly Data Log and Monthly Surveillance Measures templates
  • Quality Improvement Audit Tool templates
  • Case Scenarios with Sample Data Displays
  • Parent Discharge Planning and Teaching Checklists and Quality Improvement Tool templates
  • Parent Education Resources

This new resource provides comprehensive prototypes for quality improvement projects such as those needed for Magnet® status or to maintain regulatory agency requirements, and is a must have for hospitals and health care systems committed to providing all late preterm infants with comprehensive and evidence-based care.

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