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Templates for Protocols and Procedures 3rd Edition

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The update to this best-selling resource is now offered on a flash drive giving you maximum flexibility.

Save time, standardize care and improve outcomes with AWHONN's template documents for maternity services. Templates for Protocols and Procedures for Maternity Services, 3rd Edition, is designed to assist nurse managers and other administrators of labor and delivery, mother-baby, and normal newborn nurseries to develop policies and procedures, clinical pathways, patient care guidelines, and sample orders for labor and delivery, mother-baby, and normal newborn nurseries. More than 130 templates are provided in Word® documents that can be customized to your facility.

All documents are loaded on a handy 1 GB flash drive, making it easy to access them on any computer at any time. Or, you can copy the templates from the flash drive and upload them to your unit computer(s).

Templates included in this edition:
  • Oxytocin for induction and augmentation
  • Care of the normal term infant
  • Considerations for the normal late-term infant
  • Bakri catheter for postpartum hemorrhage
  • Discharge Instructions, including diabetes, hyperbilirbuniemia and baby care and C-section postpartum care maps
  • Preprinted orders include insulin infusion, premature rupture of membranes, scheduled C-section, post-op C-section and placenta previa
  • Patient Care Guidelines, including placental bleeding disorders, preeclampsia, preterm/PROM, hyperbilirubinemia and healthy newborn

View the product preview for a complete list of all the templates included in Templates for Protocols and Procedures for Maternity Services, 3rd Edition.

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