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Achieving Consistent Quality Care, 2nd Ed. $0.00

Achieving Consistent Quality Care: Using Research to Guide Clinical Practice, Second Edition
Shannon D. Scott, RN, PhD

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Achieving Consistent Quality Care provides a roadmap to develop an evidence-based framework for nursing practice. It breaks down the process of finding, understanding and applying evidence to daily practice into easily understandable segments.

There is little argument that evidence-based nursing care improves outcomes. However, many nurses and facilities are challenged when it comes to translating evidence into daily practice. This resource guides staff nurses, nurse leaders and other health care professionals in translating evidence and research into bedside practice.

This resource guides you through:

  • Finding the appropriate research
  • Translating evidence into guidelines
  • Assessing the quality of existing guidelines
  • Reviewing and updating an existing guideline

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Standards for Professional Nursing in Canada, 2nd Edition $26.95

Guide perinatal nursing practice in Canada and help prepare Canadian nurses for the CNA Perinatal Nursing Certification Examination with this definitive set of standards. Developed specifically for Canadian perinatal nurses by AWHONN?s Canada section members, these standards include the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) perinatal nursing competencies.

This resource features:

  • Conceptual model for perinatal nursing practice in Canada
  • Role description, values and guiding principles for Canadian perinatal nursing
  • The revised Canadian perinatal nursing standards
  • The current Canadian Nurses Association Competencies for the Perinatal Nursing Certification Examination

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Assessment & Care of the Late Preterm Infant Guideline, 2010 $34.95

Assessment and Care of the Late Preterm Infant Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline is the only comprehensive evidence-based resource developed to guide nursing care of the late preterm infant. Nurses and other health care providers can use this guideline to structure bedside care, provide staff education and to educate parents about their late preterm infants.

Developed through the rigors of AWHONN's research-based practice project on late preterm birth, this guideline provides perinatal and neonatal registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses with current clinical practice recommendations for care of the late preterm infant based on the best available evidence. The goal of this guideline is to ensure that nurses know the risks of late preterm birth and the unique needs of the late preterm neonate so that they can provide timely evidence-based assessments and interventions.

The Guideline provides evidence-based approaches to accomplish the following:
  • Identify the late preterm neonate at risk for complications during the continuum from birth through hospital discharge.
  • Recognize the physiologic limitations and challenges of a late preterm infant that place him or her at increased risk.
  • Perform a risk assessment of perinatal events that may adversely impact the late preterm infant.
  • Validate the late preterm infant's gestational age.
  • Assess respiratory status and intervene to minimize the risk of respiratory distress.
  • Implement interventions to promote thermoregulation.
  • Assess and intervene to help prevent and manage hypoglycemia.
  • Assess the risk for sepsis and implement appropriate interventions.
  • Implement interventions to assess for hyperbilirubinemia.
  • Address feeding challenges, and promote successful breastfeeding.
  • Incorporate elements of the Guideline into nursing interventions, discharge planning and parent education.
Suggested interventions are accompanied by rationale statements and supportive literature. A Quick Care Guide that highlights key assessments, interventions, and parent teaching strategies and is designed for bedside reference is included. A patient education handout has also been developed.

Whether you work in antepartum, L&D, well-baby nursery, NICU, or ambulatory OB or newborn care, this evidence-based guideline is a must-have to maximize the health and well-being of this vulnerable group of newborns.

Publication of this resource was supported through an educational grant from

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Perinatal Staffing Data Collaborative Report $499.00

NEW - Largest database of perinatal staffing available! Participate by December 15, 2011! This product is only for hospitals that want to submit their data to AWHONN.

The AWHONN Perinatal Staffing Data Collaborative Report

This report captures key demographic, hospital and RN staffing-related data that a nurse executive can use for strategic planning and risk management purposes. Hospital identifiers are not included. More than 85 hospitals are included in the report, making it the largest database of perinatal staffing available.

Compare your hospital's data against other hospitals in the data collaborative by participating in the Perinatal Staffing Collaborative Survey. Your hospital's data is managed with strict confidentiality - hospital identifying information is kept separate from hospital data and AWHONN will only discuss these data in the aggregate. Submit your survey by December 15, 2011.

It's Easy to Participate:

1. Return the signed agreement with payment to AWHONN
2. You'll receive your personalized survey for your hospital via email.
3. Complete your survey (this should take 2-3 hours)
4. Email your completed survey by December 15, 2011.
5. Your custom hospital report will be emailed to you January 2012.

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For more information and pricing, please contact Chrissy Burke at 617-320-5017 or

Standards for Professional Nursing Practice, 7th Edition $0.00

Standards for Professional Nursing Practice in the Care of Women and Newborns

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Adopted by nurses and healthcare organizations worldwide these expert developed and reviewed benchmarks are the standards for nursing care of women and newborns. The AWHONN Standards summarize the specialty's core principles of nursing practice.

Like the sixth edition, the revised seventh edition reflects AWHONN's commitment to promote the health of women and newborns by describing women's health, obstetric and neonatal nursing practice and nurses' roles and responsibilities to their patients. This edition emphasizes the nursing profession's important role in providing evidence-based care that is developmentally and culturally appropriate.

Featured in the seventh edition are the enduring Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance that are based on and adapted from the current American Nurses Association (ANA) Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice that reflect key elements of obstetric, women's health and newborn nursing.

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