Care Boldly, Give Boldly

Every Woman, Every Baby, the charitable giving program for AWHONN, is dedicated to increasing our members’ participation by 10% as we wrap up the 50th Anniversary celebration at the AWHONN 2020 Convention in June.

100% of your contributions to Every Woman, Every Baby goes back to our members in forms of scholarships and awards to support lifelong learning for nurses, research that leads to improving nursing practice and patient care, and education and activities that provide information and resources for women and their families.
Why should you donate and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same?
  1. If you refer friends and colleagues to donate, your name will be entered to win gift cards and AWHONN dollars for every donation made of $5 or more.*
  2. You will be making a difference! You can see what Every Woman, Every Baby accomplished just in 2019 with your contributions.
  3. You can help your Section win AWHONN’s Section Challenge. Learn more about AWHONN’s Section Challenge.
Every woman deserves the best care, and every baby deserves the best start in life. Thank you for caring boldly and giving boldly!
* All referrals must be submitted to either by the donor or the member who referred them.