An Introduction to Fetal Heart Monitoring

This course is a foundation building education course on Fetal Heart Monitoring.  Whether your a new nurse or an experienced nurse in need of a refresher on the latest evidence-based best practices, this course provides learning to build your confidence in knowing when to use Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHM).

The course presents basic concepts in fetal heart monitoring for bedside perinatal care providers. It is divided into five sections, each of which discusses a separate topic and reinforces key elements of fetal assessment and oxygenation:

  • Maternal and fetal physiology
  • Uterine activity and fetal assessments
  • The instrumentation used in fetal monitoring
  • Monitoring  and tracing characteristics and selection of clinical interventions
  • Risk management strategies

Knowledge checks and section Questions and Answers highlight key learning points. Practice exercises and case studies are designed to reinforce the importance of clinicians’ assessments and decisions and their effect on patient care.