Award of Excellence: Research

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees must be:

  • Currently licensed as a registered nurse, or a retired registered nurse
  • A full AWHONN member for at least three years prior to nomination and in the year of nomination.
  • Currently serving or have served previously in the award category.


Nominees are evaluated based on evidence of the following leadership qualities

  • Visionary and passionate regarding AWHONN and the health promotion of women and newborns
  • Modeling professional behavior
  • Motivating excellence in others, encouraging opportunities for growth, change, and development.
  • Inspiring confidence and celebrates the success of others above one’s own
  • Communicating complex ideas in a simplistic manner
  • Living the message: creativity, resourcefulness, confidence, and passion
  • Welcoming controversy and challenging to reset the standard.

Nominees are evaluated on evidence of:


  • Demonstrate a history of conducting funded research that has made a significant contribution in women’s and newborns’ health nursing.
  • Publish research in refereed journals.
  • Reflect AWHONN’s goals and standards in their contribution to women’s and newborns’ health nursing research.
  • Demonstrate clinical applications in research.
  • Demonstrate a high level of scholarship in published work.
  • Promote women’s and newborns’ health nursing research within AWHONN, the nursing profession or the public.
  • Maintains her/his own professional development.


  • Candidates may only be nominated for one award of excellence per year in any category.
  • Nominees for Awards of Excellence must have two reference letters.
  • A subcommittee of three members of the Board appointed by the president selects all but the Research Award recipient. The Award of Excellence in Research is chosen by the Research Advisory Panel.
  • All decisions will be based on submitted material requested by AWHONN only.  Additional materials submitted will not be considered or returned.