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POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Education Program

POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Education Program2021-02-12T20:40:33+00:00

The POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Education Program consists of multiple components:  An online education course with CNE offering, an implementation toolkit, The Post-Birth Warning Signs Magnet and Magnet templates, and Save Your Life handouts in English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin-Chinese translations.

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POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Success Story: An Interview with a New Mother

It has been proven that teaching women to recognize potentially life-threatening signs of post-birth complications can save lives.

The POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Online Education Course

  • The most current education on maternal mortality and morbidity
  • Best practices on delivering and disseminating consistent messaging to patients to increase their recognition and response to life-threatening symptoms.
  • Overview of the importance of the nurse’s role as an agent of change to stop maternal deaths.
  • Save Your Life handouts for patients at discharge – available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin-Chinese
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Discharge Education Checklist for nurses.

Download Save Your Life Handouts
(Available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin-Chinese, and Haitian Creole)

These handouts are not designed to act as stand-alone products, but as a resources provided after completion of the POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Education Course.  AWHONN allows clinicians to print copies of the Save Your Life handouts free of charge if the handout is being used as part of patient care and/or patient discharge education.

Save Your Life Handout – English (PDF)
Salva su Vida – Spanish (PDF)
Save Your Life – Arabic (PDF)
Save Your Life – Mandarin Chinese (PDF)
Save Your Life – Haitian Creole (PDF)


View the POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Permissions Policy for more information on usage requests related to the Save Your Life handouts. Other usages might include posting handouts on a web page, intranet, using in a presentation, or integrating into an electronic medical record. Each request require a separate permission from AWHONN.

Save Your Life Magnets and Magnet Templates

AWHONN offers clinicians the ability to purchase Save Your Life Magnets or a Save Your Life Magnet Template, as an additional parent resource to reinforce your post-birth discharge education.

Visit the AWHONN’s store for purchasing information

POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Implementation Toolkit

The AWHONN POST-BIRTH Warning  Signs (PBWS) Toolkit was developed  to assist you in your facility’s PBWS education and implementation journey. These resources were developed based upon AWHONN’s work with over 20 hospitals in the 2017 PBWS Implementation Community.
Hospitals purchasing 10 or more POST-BIRTH Warning Signs (PBWS) Education seats are eligible to purchase the PBWS Toolkit.

Pricing: $75/hospital for AWHONN members and $99/hospital for AWHONN non-members

The POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Toolkit includes the following resources:

Implementation Tools2020-02-01T22:14:28+00:00
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Audit Log (customizable)
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Magnet Template (customizable with hospital logo)
  • Sample News Release (customizable)
  • Sample  Implementation Timeline (customizable)
  • Bulletin Board Communication Documents (customizable)
Clinical Tools2020-02-01T22:13:46+00:00
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Save Your Life Parent Handout (English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin-Chinese)
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Postpartum Discharge Education Checklist
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Signs References
POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Introductory Materials2020-02-01T22:13:10+00:00
  • Terms of Use for POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Toolkit
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Introductory Presentation
  • POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Nurse FAQs
  • Sample Justification Letter
  • Past Implementation Community Webinar Recordings

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