Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) has gained popularity in the last decade as a safe and effective contraceptive choice.  LARC includes intrauterine devices and the contraceptive implant. AWHONN supports the availability of LARC as a first-line, contraceptive option. The resources below are intended to provide clinical guidance, patient education information, and more.

Resources for Nurses and Other Clinicians

  1. AWHONN’s position statement, Insurance Coverage for Contraceptives, offers support for insurance coverage for LARC and LARC insertion in the immediate postpartum period.
  2. AWHONN supports the recently released ACOG Committee Opinion 670, Immediate Postpartum Long-Acting Reversible Contraception.
  3. Articles in Nursing for Women’s Health
  4. Articles in JOGNN
  5. Evidenced-based guidelines for delivering family planning services from the U.S. Office of Population Affairs
  6. An implementation toolkit for those living in states with Medicaid coverage for immediate postpartum LARC insertion.
  7. Additional Resources

Resources for Women and Health Care Consumers

  1. Resources in AWHONN’s Healthy Mom&Baby
  2. Lynn Erdman’s column in the Huffington PostHow Birth Control Contributes To Healthier Moms And Babies