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In preparation for the 2021 Joint Commission New Standards for Perinatal Safety, AWHONN has updated its Postpartum Hemorrhage Education Course, which will be available in February 2021.

The clinical tools included as adjuncts to this education course are

  • PPH Risk Assessment (version 1.1) – an action tool for use on admission, pre-birth, and post-birth
  • PPH Treatment Algorithm
  • Quantification of Blood Loss Calculator
  • QBL Workflow Process Map
  • Debrief form
Dad from PPH Project
AWHONN Postpartum Hemorrhage
(PPH) Project In Action

Quantification of
Blood Loss Video

Keeping up-to-date on the latest in postpartum hemorrhage care is essential for the safety of mothers and infants. Below are some of the best resources that are currently available for postpartum hemorrhage care:

AWHONN Resources 

AWHONN also offers a Preeclampsia and Severe Hypertension Education Course and updated POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Online Education Course and tools, released in January 2021. These three combined programs provide a comprehensive solution to hospital compliance with Joint Commission Standards.

Pricing for these courses are as follows:

Education Program Pricing
Postpartum Hemorrhage Education Course $29 members/$49 non-members
Hypertension Education Course $29 members/$49 non-members
POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Online Education Course $29 members/$49 non-members
Postpartum Hemorrhage/Hypertension Course Bundle $49 members/$69 non-members

AWHONN offers volume discount pricing to hospitals seeking to educate multiple clinicians and bundle pricing for hospitals interested in purchasing more than one product. To learn more, please contact Mitty Songer, Director of Product Sales at (304) 550-3984 or via email at msonger@awhonn.org.