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Research Grants

Research Grants2020-09-22T16:23:21+00:00

AWHONN’s commitment to nursing research and scholarship is reflected in our 28-year history of funding nursing research and promoting evidence-based nursing care.  Our program is designed primarily for researchers whose efforts are on the beginning stages of a program of research.  Awards are granted to researchers whose proposals investigate variables relevant to AWHONN’s 2019-2024 Research Priorities.

Novice researchers and graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. The call for awards will open on September 21, 2020 and will close on December 11, 2020 at 8 pm Eastern Time. Studies that are clinically focused and outcome based are a priority. Projects that focus on the nurse’s role in delivering cost-effective care in these subspecialties are encouraged and will also be considered. Please review the proposal submission guidelines and 2019-2024 Research Priorities for more information.

Studies that are clinically focused and outcome based are a priority.  Projects that focus on the nurse’s role in delivering cost-effective care in these subspecialties are encouraged and will also be considered.

Corporate funders and charitable contributions to Every Woman, Every Baby from AWHONN members have totaled more than $680,000, distributed to our researchers.  We are grateful to those who support AWHONN’s research priorities and recognize the value of expanding nursing research.

AWHONN grant recipients have excelled in their careers and have many accomplishments such as becoming deans and professors, Fulbright Scholars, Chief Nurse Executives, Advanced Practice Nurses, and renowned authors. The results from recipients’ research are shared at the AWHONN’s annual convention, and publication in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing (JOGNN) or Nursing for Women’s Health (NWH) is encouraged.

2020 AWHONN Research Award Recipients

The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) has announced the recipients of five research awards for 2020 totaling $37,000. The recipients and their grant proposals are:

AWHONN Every Woman, Every Baby Awards
Rachel Dieterich, MSN, RN
“The Relationship Between Perinatal Weight Stigma and Breastfeeding Outcomes”

Dawn Hawthorne, PhD, RN
“Effect of a Mobile Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Decreasing Stress and Anxiety in High-Risk Pregnant Women: A Pilot Study”

Thao Griffith, PhD, RN
“Stress and Epigenetic Predictors of Oral Feeding Skills in Preterm Infants”

March of Dimes Margaret Comerford Freda “Saving Babies, Together®” Award
Joanna Carrega, PhD, RN
“Maternal Stress, Sleep, and Breastfeeding Outcomes Among First-Time Mothers”

Funded by both AWHONN Every Woman, Every Baby Award and Hill-Rom Celeste Phillips Family-Centered Maternity Care Award
Kodiak Soled, MSN, RN
“Perinatal Social Support Among Sexual and Gender Minority Childbearing Parents”

AWHONN congratulates the 2020 Research Award recipients.

Research Priorities and Researcher Expectations

The AWHONN women’s and neonatal health research priorities focus on the development, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge to guide clinical nursing practice. The research priorities recommendations from the Research Advisory Panel encompass nursing care of women across their lifespan, including childbearing and newborn care, as well as professional issues in nursing practice.

  • Nursing Research and Scholarship
  • Implementation Science/Translational Research
  • Normal Birth
  • Mental Health
  • Patient Safety using Nurse Sensitive Outcomes

The Research Advisory Panel members discussed and described the relevance of the priorities for AWHONN members and their interconnectedness. For example, increasing normal births will reduce the number of women who experience post-traumatic stress disorder related to a traumatic birthing experience. Reducing overuse of interventions will improve patient safety and nurse sensitive outcomes.

  • Maintain AWHONN membership during funding period.
  • Attend scheduled orientation and conference calls for new grant recipients (generally July and following January after award granted) and submit progress reports.
  • Complete the study within a 1-year timeframe and submit final report.
  • Provide budget updates at 6-months and one-year of the funding period.
  • Travel to the AWHONN Annual Convention the year granted to receive award. Note: Grant funding does not cover registration, travel or lodging expenses related to the convention.
  • Present study findings two years after awarded at the AWHONN Annual Convention during the AWHONN Research Symposium designated session.
  • Submit a manuscript of the awarded proposal within 18 months from conclusion of the study to the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, Neonatal Nursing or other appropriate scientific or technical peer-reviewed journal.
  • Acknowledge AWHONN and corporate funders in all presentations, papers, and published materials.

Research FAQs

Q. How are grant recipients selected?2020-09-21T18:44:14+00:00

A. Each grant proposal that meets submission criteria is reviewed by 3 research experts after the due date. They are members of the Research Advisory Panel who then determine the final grant recipients after the final IRB due date (April 1, 2021).

Q. Why does IRB need to be final before grant awards are finalized?2020-02-03T01:54:06+00:00

A. AWHONN is responsible for ensuring that the selected recipients will carry out the research proposal as outlined in the application.

Q. Does the IRB application need to be approved or exempt by the proposal submission due date (April 1, 2021)?2020-09-21T18:44:56+00:00

A. No. An email or letter from the IRB committee must be submitted with your application that states your IRB application has been submitted for approval or exemption by April 1, 2021.

Q. Does AWHONN consider grant applications for projects already in progress?2020-02-03T01:53:00+00:00

A. Yes. Research studies already begun are considered, unless they are federally funded. It must be clearly stated in the budget and abstract/narrative that the proposal submitted is in progress.

Q. Does AWHONN allow grant funds to be used for indirect costs, tuition, computer hardware/printers, or attending the annual convention?2020-02-03T01:52:29+00:00

A. No. AWHONN does not cover the above items. However, electronic devices and computer software necessary to carry out the proposed research will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Principal Investigator must clearly demonstrate the need and usage of such items for the research project. Additionally, AWHONN will not be responsible for costs associated with electronic device or computer software updates or upgrades.

Q. Do I have to list other sources of funding for the proposal I am submitting?2020-02-03T01:52:05+00:00

A. Yes. In the budget, please list your requested budget from AWHONN and your requested funds from all other sources (this includes if you already have funding for your proposal).

Q. Why is salary support listed on the budget sheet?2020-02-03T01:51:24+00:00

A. The salary is meant to support a research or graduate assistant or other support staff. No Principal or Sub-Investigators may use the grant funds for salary.

Q. I previously received an AWHONN Research Grant. Can I apply for another research grant?2020-02-03T01:50:59+00:00

A. If previously awarded by AWHONN, there must be a 5 year period before receiving grant funds again.

Q. What makes an AWHONN member ineligible for applying for a research grant?2020-02-03T01:50:29+00:00

A. Research grants are open to all student and full members. E-Members are ineligible to apply.

Q. Are the AWHONN grants available to international researchers?2020-02-03T01:49:57+00:00

A. No, the AWHONN grants are only available to AWHONN members who are living and conducting their research within the United States.

Q. How can I submit my application and required documents?2020-09-21T18:51:20+00:00

A. Applicants must complete the 2021 Research Grant Application using the online form. It is advised and highly encouraged that applicants gather their documents first then begin the online application. Refer to the Proposal Submission Guidelines within the application on what is required.

Applicants are to submit one application. Applicants will receive an auto-reply email upon submission. Incomplete entries are not saved and applications will not be accepted by mail, fax or email.

Q. Who can apply for an AWHONN research grant?2020-02-03T01:48:43+00:00

A. Individual student or full AWHONN members can apply for a research grant (we do not award to groups or institutions). The Principal Investigator’s membership must be current at the time of proposal submission and funding selection. If awarded, the PI’s membership must remain current through the funding period.

Past Recipient Testimonials
Past AWHONN Research Recipients


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