NOEP is a clinical education program that consists of fifteen (15) fully narrated education modules that bear continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours.  NOEP is designed to provide nurses with theoretical knowledge needed to provide holistic, family-centered care to newborn infants and their family members while being cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit.

NOEP is all your NICU needs to educate their registered nurses whether they are new to neonatal care setting or are experienced nurses seeking continued education on current evidence-based best practices.

The didactic content is a component of a comprehensive orientation for nurses.  NOEP should be accompanied by guided clinical experience to permit real-time integration and application of the concepts and information presented.  Each of the fifteen fully narrated modules are broken down into smaller segments providing learners snackable bites of information to discuss and digest.

NOEP can be accessed through AWHONN’s Online Learning Center