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Implementation Tools

MFTI Audit Log (customizable): example of a log that can be used to audit use of the MFTI in practice and compare assigned MFTI levels MFTI Case Studies Post test Answer Key: for nurse leader use with the MFTI educational module’s case studies posttest (not [...]

Clinical Tools

Coping With Labor Algorithm*: this algorithm for assessing labor pain, researched by University of Utah nurses and midwives, is an integral element of the MFTI’s approach to assessment of pain MFTI Algorithm*: the Maternal Fetal Triage Index in algorithm [...]

Introductory Items

Terms of use for the MFTI Toolkit: includes discussion of copyright, permission to reprint and liability MFTI Introductory Presentation: covers basic steps to implement the MFTI including organizing your team, collecting baseline data, EMR integration and the MFTI education module MFTI Nurse FAQs: includes answers to [...]

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