Victoria L. Lombardo, MSN, RN

AWHONN Member since 1971


Lombardo’s journey as an AWHONN member began in 1971 as a new graduate. Her nurse manager at the time, Sarah T. Fletcher, invited her to be a part of a “new group of OB nurses being organized.” Seeing the value and importance of an AWHONN membership to her practice, Lombardo joined. As the years passed and she grew within her profession, Lombardo has been grateful for AWHONN and the resources provided to assist her in establishing unit orientation programs and updating policies and procedures. And she takes great joy in attending AWHONN’s annual conventions and has encouraged her staff nurses to attend as well.

“Meeting with colleagues, sharing best practices/successful programs and reading JOGNN has been a mainstay of my practice and helped solidify the skills and knowledge I needed to be an effective OB/GYN nurse and nurse leader.”