With Healthy Mom&Baby magazine and Health4Mom.org, the nurses of AWHONN invite moms to have regular conversations with their nurses for the best possible pregnancy outcomes.

Entirely free online and available from nurses as a quarterly print magazine, Healthy Mom&Baby is expert-authored patient information that pregnant and new moms can trust and act on because it’s written for them by nurses.

All articles published in the magazine can be found at Health4Mom.org, in addition to videos from AWHONN nurses on topics like breastfeeding, immunization, fertility, newborn screening, and birth control, as well as an Ask Our Nurses section with expert answers to most frequently asked questions.

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Interested in writing for Healthy Mom&Baby magazine? Send your CV to health4mom@awhonn.org.

Parent Pages

Available below as downloadable PDFs, our Parent Pages are perfect for printing and sharing with your patients.

Go The Full 40 campaign

Go The Full 40 is a grass roots public health campaign from the 24,000+ members of AWHONN that educates women about the physiological benefits of full-term pregnancy for themselves and their babies. The campaign flows from a holistic nursing philosophy as 40 serious and fun reasons that relay actionable, evidence-based health advice for collaborative decision-making between women and their care providers.

Tools to share the campaign are available to nurses and other healthcare providers at no charge and include: