Promote quality care by planning nurse staffing for your perinatal unit based on Guidelines for Professional Registered Nurse Staffing for Perinatal Units from the leading authority in perinatal nursing: AWHONN.

Whether you manage perinatal services in a busy, urban institution or a small, rural facility, you must be versed in the national standards for perinatal nurse staffing so that your nurses can effectively meet the needs of new families.

AWHONN’s updated guidelines reflect the many changes in perinatal settings since 1983, including the increased number of women and infants who have complications and/or are undergoing medical and surgical procedures, plus new technologies and documentation requirements, all of which increase the nurse’s workload.

AWHONN’s Guidelines for Professional Registered Nurse Staffing for Perinatal Units were developed by the AWHONN Staffing Task Force, approved by the AWHONN Board of Directors and incorporated input from more than 900 AWHONN perinatal nurse members. Learn More