Practice Briefs

AWHONN practice briefs can be used as a quick-reference guide that can and should be incorporated into your clinical practice. Each brief provides a summary of the pertinent details of each technique and rationale for why it should be used in practice.

LARC Resources

Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) has gained popularity in the last decade as a safe and effective contraceptive choice.  LARC includes intrauterine devices and the contraceptive implant. AWHONN supports the availability of LARC as a first-line, contraceptive option.

Perinatal Staffing Initiative

Promote quality care by planning nurse staffing for your perinatal unit based on Guidelines for Professional Registered Nurse Staffing for Perinatal Units from the leading authority in perinatal nursing.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

AWHONN is a national partner on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Prevention Project of the Arc. The goal of the FASD Prevention Project is to increase health care professional knowledge of the risks alcohol can pose to a fetus, encourage the use of prevention strategies and provide educational opportunities to health care professionals, including nurses, midwives, and nurse practitioners.

Women’s Health Perinatal Nursing Care Quality Measures

The actions of nurses have a significant impact on patient outcomes; therefore, a vital component of improving health care is to measure the quality of nursing care. AWHONN is currently developing Women’s Health and Perinatal Nursing Care Quality (NCQ) measures.

Historical Resources Archives

Some of AWHONN’s out-of-print products are available for purchase as archived resources. These are ideal for attorneys and researchers who need information on historical practice and standards.

 Nursing Infection Control Education (NICE) Network

The NICE network seeks to empower nurses to protect themselves and their patients by providing real time infection prevention and control training to U.S. nurses.